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Resume Advice

  1. Use powerful, but concise, language.
  2. Prioritize and draw attention with the design.
  3. Customize the resume to suit each new position.


Resume Tips

The first thing the client will see is your resume.  A professional and sophisticated document is necessary to make that first impression both positive and memorable.

If you don't have a resume, you can use our Resume Builder to follow a standard format, but also take some time to carefully plan your presentation.  The following tips will help you organize your experience to create a positive and lasting impact.

1. Use powerful, but concise, language.

Rather than listing every responsibility you've ever had, list your key roles and the major impact you made in each role.  When describing your skills and responsibilities, begin each sentence with an action word.

Managed a specialized team of fifteen customer service representatives, each responsible for handling over 2,000 phone calls/day.

A sophisticated, clear and concise tone and style such as this is most effective.  Notice the use of quantities in the sentence, as well.  This emphasizes the importance of your role and the contribution you made in the position.

2. Prioritize and draw attention with the design.
Employers receive a bulk of resumes, spending only seconds scanning each for relevant information.  The use of bullets and headings can bring the salient points to the surface that might otherwise be overlooked in the resume shuffle.

Similarly, you'll want the design and format of your resume to draw the reader in.  Make sure you have the most impressive information first.  Employers spend only seconds reviewing the document, and the first part of the resume may be your only opportunity to capture them.

3. Customize the resume to suit each new position.

One of the biggest mistakes made by job seekers is that they submit their resumes to numerous positions without customizing their language to the responsibilities and requirements of each specific position.  Instead, they attempt to broaden their scope of abilities, which can lighten the depth of their experience, and make an employer choose the resume of someone who used more applicable language.

For instance, if you are a bookkeeper seeking an accountant position, do not use the same resume you would submit to a bookkeeper position.  Though the responsibilities are related, the employer is looking for an "accountant," and they will only notice someone that addresses their accounting experience.

Furthermore, you can truly sell yourself for that specific position by drawing from the job description provided by your Quantum Search Consultant.  If the employer asks for a "detail-oriented administrator," then use this phrase, if appropriate, in your resume to describe yourself.

4. Use your resume to highlight your understanding of the position.
As you enumerate your responsibilities, you can display your keen understanding of the position's various demands.  For instance, a woman applying for a marketing position can emphasize the success of her campaigns, but also her ability to work with various teams, interface with clients and contribute to her department in their quarterly targets.

In this way you can sell yourself and your abilities to set yourself apart from the other applicants.  The employer may see a hundred resumes with your same experience, but using your knowledge of your profession, you can address certain needs that other applicants did not mention.

A proposal writer offers this added benefit for a large corporation seeking a persuasive writer:

  • Ability to create time-saving templates with Microsoft Word to minimize the  production process.

Though it is just a minor detail, it showcases the writer's technical savvy and understanding of the editorial process, which can elevate his experience in the employer's eyes.

5. Write a compelling cover letter to complement your resume.

If your Quantum Search consultant requests a cover letter from you, it is worth the extra time it takes to write it. In just a few paragraphs, you have the opportunity to convey your unique experience and how it makes you perfect for the position. However, a poorly written cover letter can dissuade the employer from even looking at your resume. There are a few keys to preventing this from happening:

  • Write a new cover letter for each individual position.
  • Check your grammar and spelling.
  • Highlight your achievements in a non-boastful manner.
  • Use a professional, friendly tone.
  • Talk specifically about how you can contribute to the company.
  • Close with a request for a phone interview.

Once you've applied these helpful tips to your resume, look in our Current Openings for new opportunities or Send Your Resume to Quantum Search. If your qualifications fit into our talent pool, we'll contact you about future opportunities.
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