A mission of excellence

photo As a Quantum Search candidate, you're not just another name in a massive database.  You are a partner with our team of consultants who share a common goal...  Read More.


Resume Advice

  1. Use powerful, but concise, language.
  2. Prioritize and draw attention with the design.
  3. Customize the resume to suit each new position.


Our Selection Method

As our name suggests, Quantum Search specializes in the search - not just the search for the right candidates, but also the search for the opportunities that satisfy our candidates and make the most of their experience and their time.

The Executive Arena: Mid-to-Senior Level Professionals

"Executive" is a term used loosely nowadays.  At Quantum Search, we apply it to a specific segment of the job market that includes our specialty - Mid-to-senior level professionals.  Even this distinction leaves room for interpretation, so we must use a few basic questions to filter through the thousands of applicants:

1) Do you have two or more years in a particular career?
2) Is this career business-related?
3) Are you looking for compensation above the $50,000 mark?

If you can answer "yes" to these three questions, we can most likely help you. Our free consulting offerings serve both you and our pool of clients. We strive to make the win-win deal, where everyone is satisfied, and eager to pass on the news about Quantum Search. Word of mouth is one of our greatest avenues of attracting clients and candidates, so exceeding your expectations is our mission.

This Two-fold Agenda: Your Interests and the Client's Interests

By serving the mid to senior level segment of the hiring market, we're able to offer career opportunities in multiple industries with an industry-targeted focus on each. You get the benefit of working with a consultant who has related experience in your industry, so he or she understands the needs specific to your profession. But your consultant also sees the other side of the equation - the client's side. This means you don't walk into an interview with false hopes or unrealistic expectations. We help with the homework by educating you on the client's requirements, and the type of candidate they typically look to hire, how they do business, and what other candidates have said about working with them. Your career move is your decision, ultimately. We just make it easier.

The Quantum Search Method:

The Middle-to-Senior Level Professional Companies come to Quantum for talent above and beyond the scope of their HR Department services. They're looking for more than a resume with a few bullet points of experience. They're looking for a professional who has already been screened and evaluated by an industry-specific Quantum consultant to ensure that once the candidate is at the interview, the question to consider is not about qualifications, but about finding the right personality match.
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