A mission of excellence

photo As a Quantum Search candidate, you're not just another name in a massive database.  You are a partner with our team of consultants who share a common goal...  Read More.


Resume Advice

  1. Use powerful, but concise, language.
  2. Prioritize and draw attention with the design.
  3. Customize the resume to suit each new position.


Career Tools

Our candidates benefit from both our network of opportunities and the insight we've gained over twenty-five years in the recruiting industry.  While there are many steps to securing your ideal career opportunity, we've combined them into three major tiers to help our candidates succeed in all area.

Step1: Your Resume

You'll need to Submit Your Resume to qualify as a Quantum Search candidate.  The following tips will help you improve your resume to make it ready for distribution to our clients with open opportunities.

Resume Tips
Over the years, we've collected the most valuable methods of designing a compelling and sophisticated resume.

Step 2: The Interview

Once your resume is in great shape, an interview is the next step.  Your consultant will give you an understanding of the company's needs, and the interview is your time to apply these details and present your experience in a persuasive way.

Interview Tips
Our candidates see success when they use techniques that give the client confidence and a belief in their abilities.  We've gathered some effective tips on how to present yourself in the most favorable light.

Step 3: Negotiations

Negotiations will begin once the client has narrowed the search and chosen you as their ideal candidate.  Your Quantum Search consultant will work with the client to meet or exceed your target salary.

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